Cancer / Chemo treating the cause

“Hey Gavin, I watch your videos and have gone through chemo to help with cancer will the liver flush help?” The radiation and toxic chemicals from treatment are compounding inside your liver the body is miraculously doing its best to keep the chemicals from harming you it is 911 urgent that a person with this much toxicity begins to flush it out of the liver and allow the body a chance to heal itself. Unlike what doctors may have told you; doctors, medicine, surgery, treatment will not heal you. The only thing that will heal you as your own body. By giving the body the opportunity to have all of the blood flow go clean through the liver two then circulate through the rest of the body fluidly like a clean River then your body can get the oxygen and nourishment out to the dead cells and areas that need it most.

50 Likes, 10 Comments – Gavin Mehl (@gavingmehl) on Instagram: “One day after the liver flush #8. Feeling lighter, little leaner, clear headed, less tense, re


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