Question and Answer

Question…”Curious to see what your daily regime is. You seem like a lean person as it is. As much as I would love to go get colonics and liver flushed…not sure it will help a guy who is 40lbs overweight. Although my metabolism has slowed , I try to some some activity, life and work are in the way of course. Any ideas?”

Gavin “ a journey redefining the body starts with being teachable and open minded so I can tell that’s you so often times what I thought was my metabolism slowing down when I was 180 pounds 3 years ago now being 157 was just my body holding onto water because the cells were dehydrated. but because my liver was full of toxins oxygen was unable to get out to the cells throughout the body to create new life and flush out the old souls intern I was carrying around extra body weight and it looks like that to be clear colonics clear colonics will not help your metabolism by itself that’s not at all the answer colonics is just an after effect to clean out the poison left


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