HGH.. my view on it

Question.. Lath King says “I am 20 years old with 160 cm if I take hgh can i grow up?”

Answer: NO DUDE. NO!! I do not recommend anyone take HGH. It is illegal in some places and has potential side effects. This video is all about how my own body produces high levels of HGH naturally. NO drugs NO supplements. By allowing the fasting period to extend and then super compensate with high quality food, a person can experience the benefits of HGH all natty . Hope this helps, I know there is a lot of information out there and its hard to determine who to listen to. My mentor drilled into my DNA the principle of “only listen to people who can prove that they have achieved the results that you want.” So if you want to be ripped, shredded aesthetic and stop getting older. I would stay subscribe and not miss a video. And go back and watch old videos.


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