Burning body Fat as Energy w/ Intermittent Fasting, Apple Cider Vinegar, Oil Pulling – YouTube

Comment on lemon juice vs Apple cider vinegar when intermittent fasting..

Richard Quicksilver
For me, apple cider vinegar is really too harsh. Most brands have sodium meta-bisulphite (Na2S2O5) as a preservative, which is extremely acidic (PH4)!! This preservative can cause allergic reactions, particularly skin irritation, gastric irritation and asthma. I much prefer the natural approach, using freshly squeezed lemon juice in warm water when fasting 🙂

Reply from Gavin Mehl…lemon juice is a winner. fresh lemons for me are two for $1, I use them in humace daily. it’s more expensive then acv if using daily, but a good alternative. also helps dissolve kidney stones.


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