Response to a guy in scarcity on how to increase HGH.

In response to this question..
Nizahe Ⓥ
So you are claiming that our human growth hormone is being released after a while without eating, but u base that on what exactly? I want to see a blood tests results. Too hard to deliver?

Gavin Mehl.
“This does not work for everyone. You already know this, but you are one dude this just can’t help brother. Try Crossfit! Save the $even figures you would be spending to pay for a human clinical trial published in peer reviewed medical journals (the only way to scientifically prove this on humans) just to show that you can’t do it. You really would be wasting your money. For most of us it works, but for you it JUST won’t work. YOU KNOW WHY. Your dreams got crushed when you were a little kid and now you don’t believe in yourself anymore. Life is hard for you. You have never been called out in the open so truthfully like this before, it may hurt. I have been in the dark place that you are now. I want to help you get out.


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